The Bottom of AutumnThe Bottom of Autumn - Time for Planting & Transplanting

Ask any chipmunk or his stash of acorns.  THE place to be in fall is underground.  Contrary to popular belief, plants love to get their roots down into the earth BEFORE the spring.  Did you know that in Atlanta, fall and winter are the best times to give a new tree or shrub a new home?  Whether it is transplanting something in your yard or installing a new specimen from the nursery, FALL and WINTER are the PRIME TIME for PLANTING.  That is because at a 6-inch depth, the ground here never freezes.  Plants appreciate the transition from pot to ground or from place to place while their foliage is dormant.

Think like a plant.  March-April is the time for new growth both above and below ground.  Plants have their biggest push new foliage, branches and roots at the end of winter.  So do them a favor and put them in the ground well in advance of the big spring party.

Get Down.  Go Underground.

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