As soon as things begin to warm up in spring, it doesn’t take long for things to really heat up in Lawrenceville, Georgia and the surrounding areas! Summer time in the South is long, hot and dry and this can take a toll on your landscaping.

With some extra care and maintenance, it’s still possible to keep your lawn looking green and beautiful year-round. Here are a few tips to help your lawn withstand the heat this summer.

Bermuda and Zoysia are good warm weather turfs and do great in Georgia. Properly mowing these turfs is a primary concern during the long summer months. Warm season turf should be mowed at a 1-to-2-inch mowing height. Keep in mind that mower blades should be sharpened frequently to achieve a quality cut.

Weed Control
The use of post-emergent herbicides to kill those unwanted weeds, such as nutsedge, dallisgrass and crabgrass, will keep your lawn looking beautiful all summer long. Apply these weed control products at the beginning and end of each summer to delay their return.

Aeration of Bermuda
Like in the spring, aeration should be performed on Bermuda lawns again in the summer. Aeration reduces soil compaction commonly caused by foot traffic and mowing, improves the soil’s ability to accept nutrients provided by fertilizer and improves the decomposition of grass clippings and thatch.

Fertilization and Mulching
It’s important to apply a slow-release fertilizer on Bermuda and Zoysia during the summer growing season. The nutrients in the fertilizer will enhance turf color and help it withstand the high temperatures. Freshen up your plant beds by adding pine straw for a more finished look.

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