Happy New Year!

I am always amazed when another new year rolls by. It seems like we just start a year and before you know it, it’s over and you’re celebrating New Year’s Day again! Whew, those 365 days on January 1 seem like a lot but they sure whiz by quickly! I get mixed feelings every New Year’s Day. I love the celebration and excitement but it’s usually tinged with a little sadness about last year’s resolutions that somehow fell by the wayside. Why is it difficult to keep those resolutions? Instead of losing weight, I gain it; my exercise equipment collects dust by February; another year passes and I haven’t learned more than “Thank you” and “How are you?” in a new language.

Sometimes we just need help in achieving our resolutions. If you have planned to do home improvements but just can’t find the time throughout the year, let us help. We can’t lose the weight or learn Spanish for you, but we can help you beautify your biggest asset: your home, and specifically, your yard. Transform your back or front yard from yuck! to yowza!


Shady Grove Project in Hoschton, GA – BEFORE
Many people incorrectly think winter is the worst time to work in the yard but it is one of the best times to plan and plant here in the South. In fact, January and February are the perfect times to schedule your appointment with our designers to get your personal corner of Eden ready for the summer. You beat the busy spring season while giving your landscape time to flourish in the rains we typically have in late winter. Shady Grove offers beautiful 3D and CAD designs that fit all types of dreams and budgets for your landscape. Our specialty is the 3D design which gives you a real-time perspective on how your completed landscape will look before we break the first shovelful of dirt.


Shady Grove Project in Hoschton, GA – 3D DESIGN
A little planning in January and February allows you to enjoy and bask in your new yard, while your neighbors are procrastinating and unfulfilling another resolution.


Shady Grove Project in Hoschton, GA – AFTER
Now where did I put that cookie?