When it comes to tastefully decorated and designed outdoor spaces, pergolas can have a transformative effect. These open structures are often seen in gardens where they serve as an easy-to-implement custom landscaping option. Pergolas are appropriate for use in both back and front yards, and small pergolas can also be used over a garage or French doors.

What Do You Look for in a Pergola?


The vast majority of pergolas are made of wood, are constructed in a square formation, and have no walls. Plants and vines are often grown on pergolas to enhance their natural qualities. The specific size, color and design can often be customized by homeowners. How you decide on a pergola will likely depend on the size of your yard, existing landscaping layout, and wood color preferences.

Construction quality and overall value are factors that you should also take into account. A well-built pergola will withstand rain and snowstorms, and its finish will stand up against both rain and the sun. Custom-built pergolas usually provide better value when compared to commercially manufactured models.

Choosing the Perfect Site for a Pergola on Your Property

Ideally, you will have already chosen one or two ideal spots to build your pergola. Covered pergolas provide shade and effectively define a separate outdoor space. Look for a pergola that complements your yard while reflecting your personal style. Its location and purpose will have a major impact on how you choose to decorate. Pergolas used mainly during social and recreational events are usually paired with outdoor seating and furnishings. By contrast, pergolas used within gardens are more prone to be stained and sealed rather than painted. Additionally, furniture is not often placed underneath garden pergolas.

After taking precise land measurements, looking up homeowners association by-laws, and double-checking local construction permit rules for compliance, your pergola can finally be erected. Once it has been secured, you can physically see how your proposed design ideas will work in real life. Depending on the type of pergola you have chosen, the amount of time and effort put into designing the actual space will vary.


Other Pergola Ideas

Although pergolas are generally constructed for a specific purpose, they can also be reused elsewhere in your landscape design. A pergola that has formerly been used in a garden can be turned into a decorative archway over a winding stone path. When adorned with sheer fabric and blooming flowers, a pergola can be used as a backdrop for a summer wedding. They can also be left completely unadorned, but their impact on an outdoor space will not diminish. When used in landscaping, a pergola is a great way to enhance your home’s style and add to its value.

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