Upgrade Your Grass
Have you been considering replacing your high maintenance and finicky fescue with luscious Zeon Zoysia? Or replacing your sunny front yard full of well-established and happy weeds with golf-course-worthy Tift 419 Bermuda?

In our many years experience, the ideal time to install sod is in April and May.  Shady Grove’s technique is different from the rest.  First, we visit your property twice in a 10 day period to spray non-selective herbicide.  Next, we have a top-tilling machine that removes existing roots and smooths the grade.  Then we spread a mix of sand and composted topsoil to improve drainage and add nutrients.  After installing the best quality sod available, we power roll the newly installed grass to flatten seams and ensure proper contact with soil.  Finally, we offer irrigation, weed/feed and landscape maintenance packages that will care for your new turf.  Who said grass is a hassle?

Because the ideal time for turf installation is only an 8 week period, the calendar fills up fast.  If you’re considering a turf upgrade this year and your in Gwinnett County, GA, visit our web site for more information.