Landscape Plan, Time Management
My hum-dinger of a resolution for 2010 involves being a better planner. As a rule, I loosely manage my time and am mostly efficient at getting things done. For instance, I don’t wear a watch, but am usually (amazingly) on time for appointments.

But this year, my goal is to become positively obsessive about managing my time. I bought a new day-timer, I made lists of to-do lists and set a date for each to be completed. It was in this process that I figured out my real time issue…

It’s you. Well, it’s really the nature of Spring. See, we don’t think about the glory of using our outside space until it’s warm and the air is fragrant. Unfortunately, that happens for all of us pretty much at the same time. And it really messes up the flow chart I have set up for the management of MY TIME!

Don’t put it off. If you want a fabulous, creative design from Shady Grove for this spring, call me now.