Permeable flagstone system, recycled brick, 4x4 flagstone slabs, rescued lilac bushes and a carpet of Zoysia

2009 was hard work, wasn’t it? Sometimes rewarding, sometimes profitable, sometimes interesting… sometimes not. Once in a while though, some light would shine in through the clouds and make a rainbow. The project pictured above glows with all the colors that Shady Grove can paint. Dutifully cleaned, recycled brick makes up the steps and columns. Permeable flagstone system covers the patio. Four 4×4 flagstone slabs make for easy chair sliding under the table. Mom’s rescued lilac bushes bloom in the planter. Drip irrigation waters the herb garden. And a carpet of Zoysia covers the hillside. It all adds up to landscaping transcendence.

Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turf Association rewarded our hard work and diligence to striving for perfection with a coveted Award of Distinction last Tuesday night at their annual awards ceremony.

Thank you Nancy, for the opportunity to bring our landscape dreams to reality. Thank you to our outstanding crew for your creativity and long hours. Thank you to Walter Reeves, Bruce Holliday and all the judges at M.A.L.T.A. for choosing us.

Now excuse us, while we go stretch our arms wide…to pat ourselves on the back.

Award of Distinction - Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turf Association